Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Some People Don’t Suffer From Blackheads
Why do celebrities have clear skin? Even the men have nice complexion. Maybe they use the best treatment for blackheads and pimples. People seriously envy them because aside from money and fame they also have smooth and clear skin. That’s because they have their own personal makeup assistant and skin care specialists to make sure their skin will look flawless. Pictures alone don’t tell the true condition of their skin because pictures can be altered using Photoshop.

In reality, some people never had pimples and acne, but these people are very few. For many teens and young adults, every time a pimple gets better another one appears and the stubborn blackheads and whiteheads surrounding the nose seem to be there forever. Why is it that some people have so fine, smooth and clear skin? Does it remain like that even when they get old? They seem to have no pores on the skin. Maybe they are patient enough to do things listed below.

Skin Free from Blackheads & Pimples

It is really possible to have clear skin which is free from blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. Consider prevention first.

Clean your face daily with mild cleanser and warm water to remove excess oil from the skin so that dead skin cells and bacteria on the surface won’t block and clog the pores. Use water soluble facial cleanser instead of thick cream or greasy skin care products.
Change your pillow cases and cover as often as possible (like your outfits) to prevent the accumulation of oil, dandruff and dead skin cells on them. These are the things that can attach to your face when you sleep.
It is advised that you must not sleep with your makeup on. If blackheads, whiteheads or pimples exist on your face, makeup can make them worse.
Always use soft and clean towel on your face. Avoid using the same towel for your face and body.
Avoid using the bar soap that you use to shower for the face. Facial soap or cleanser must be mild and free from strong ingredients that may irritate the skin.
Exfoliate to get rid of dead cells. Be sure to use a gentle product or natural methods of exfoliating.
Consider a change in your lifestyle if necessary. Avoid stress, have enough sleep, regular exercise, and healthy diet.
Use less of everything on the face. The more cosmetics you use, the more your skin can become irritated and prone to blackheads especially when you cannot do the proper cleansing before bedtime.
Inability to cleanse or remove the excess oil that has accumulated on your face through the day makes it a rich ground for substances to mix with the oil and clog the pores. If you already have blackheads, try to treat them using the above methods. But if they are stubborn and they keep coming back, consulting a dermatologist to get rid and prevent blackheads would be helpful.

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