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A Treatment for Acne
When people have skin problems like pimples, blackheads and acne, their first goal is to find the best treatment for blackheads and similar skin issues. Nothing is supreme in anyone’s life than health, and it includes the skin which is the largest and most crucial organ of the body. Nothing can replace the importance of the skin.

Let’s talk about a kind of treatment which has become the talk of the town over the years – Accutane. It is Isotretinoin – a type of medication that reduces oil production in the sebaceous glands and a treatment used for severe acne that helps the skin renew quickly. Accutane was first intended as chemotherapy medication.

Beware of Accutane – It Is Not For Pregnant Women

Accutane is not to be used by pregnant women. If you are in your child-bearing age, you should enter into a written agreement to use two specific (a primary and a secondary) forms of birth control together under the ‘iPledge’ program to document that you conform to the terms of using it. Therefore, it would be very dangerous to buy Accutane online without going through the necessary procedures.

You must have pregnancy tests before, during and after taking Isotretinoin or Accutane to make sure you are not having a baby because it can cause severe defects on infants. Ligation does not exclude you from using two birth control methods if you are taking Accutane. Only total removal of the uterus and ovaries, and menopause for at least 12 consecutive months will consider you off from the rule.

Reminders When Taking Accutane

It is not advised to take Vitamin A supplements hand-in-hand with Isotretinoin. You should not donate your blood until after at least one month after you have stopped taking Accutane.  The blood you donate might be later given to a pregnant woman wherein it might cause birth defects if the blood contains isotretinoin. You may need to have your blood and liver function tested often to be sure there are no harmful effects.

You must not undergo laser skin treatment while you are taking and until after six months after taking Accutane to avoid scarring. The medicine makes the skin very sensitive, therefore you must avoid being exposed to the sun and artificial UV rays. Don’t ever share this medicine with anyone having the same acne symptoms as yours. Take all necessary precautions when driving as it can make your vision poor especially when dark.

Don’t Take Chances

Isotretinoin must only be given when other antibiotics and acne medications have failed but not to expectant mothers. If you have any question about a certain medication for blackheads and acne, you can ask a doctor or the drug manufacturer to be sure you’re on the right tract.
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